Our Faces of Change are awesome people who are throwing their support behind Sustainable Table
and the Give a Fork! campaign by adopting a #GREXY challenge for the month of April.

They’re all legends and inspiring in their own right and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Learn more about each and every one of them here…

Matt and Lentil Grown & Gathered


Matt and Lentil are ecological farmers from Tabilk in Victoria. They tend 3 acres of vegetables, fruits, flowers, eggs and dairy and supply their produce directly to local restaurants and people.

They believe that health and happiness come from real, traditional food, a warm home and a mastery of life’s fundamentals.

Challenge: Drop Dead #Grexy


1 Million Women The Team


1 Million Women is an organisation building a movement of strong, inspirational women and girls acting on climate change by leading low-carbon lives. We need you.

“How we live is a key solution to the climate crisis. We’re not waiting for governments. There is no time to waste.” Natalie Isaacs, Founder of 1 Million Women

Challenge: Drop Dead #Grexy


Sarah Wilson
I Quit Sugar


Sarah Wilson is the author of the international best-selling I Quit Sugar series and is passionate about food and packaging waste avoidance.

Sarah has been a Give a Fork! ambassador since its inception and we feel blessed to have her on board.

Challenge: Drop Dead #Grexy


Tim Silverwood


Tim Silverwood co-founded the organisation, ‘Take 3 – A Clean Beach Initiative’ in 2009 that asks everyone to simply take 3 pieces of rubbish with them when they leave the beach, waterway or…anywhere.

This has led him down an extraordinary path of scientific exploration, advocacy and activism and brought him to where he is today.

Challenge: #Grexy Teaser


Lee Holmes
Supercharged Food


Lee Holmes is a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, wholefoods chef, Lifestyle Food Channel’s Healthy Eating Expert and author of six best selling books. She is a columnist with Wellbeing and Naturally Magazine and her articles have appeared in leading Australian newspapers and journals.

Lee believes it’s our personal responsibility to leave the world a better place than how we found it. “This is the essence of living a supercharged life.”

Challenge: Halfway to #Grexy


Reece Carter


Reece Carter is a naturopath, herbal medicine expert and Australia’s very own home-grown ‘herb nerd’. He has a lifelong passion for all things green. From the planter box to the pantry, Reece encourages you to get your hands dirty and reconnect with your health – and your environment!

“Sustainability is an awareness of the impact we have on our neighbours and our environment; it’s a responsibility to reduce that impact where possible.”

Challenge: Drop Dead #Grexy


Tammy Logan
Gippsland Unwrapped


Tammy Logan is the zero waste hero behind the blog Gippsland Unwrapped. A conservation biologist by training and with dairy farming roots, Tammy and her family (2 adults and 2 young children) live a plastic free, waste free life in rural Victoria.

Tammy wants to prove that living sustainably doesn’t mean giving up everything you love and that as consumers, our buying power can be a strong force for positive change.

Challenge: Drop Dead #Grexy


Katie Roberts
Sustainability in Style


Katie Roberts is a self confessed ‘write-a-holic’ Environmental Scientist with a passion for Sustainable Fashion. Katie is a plant science research technician and her passion for the social and environmental reformation of the fashion industry is fierce. She believes that consumers hold the power to create change.

“Individuals matter! No arguing please, you actually do. In this big thing we live in called the ‘global economy’, the production of goods is driven by the demand for goods!”

Challenge: #Grexy Teaser


Hilary McNevin
Food Writer


Hilary is a Melbourne-based freelance food and wine writer whose work appears in Guardian Australia, Goodfood, The Age and more. Hilary is passionate about food sustainability, particularly in the hospitality sector and so has been a huge supporter of the Give a Fork! campaign this year.


Martyna Angell Wholesome Cook


Martyna Angell is a Sydney-based health coach, food stylist, photographer and cookbook author.  She’s passionate about real, sustainable food and healthier living choices.

“Sustainability, to me, means living in a way that will have the least impact on the environment while being best choice for us.”

Challenge: Drop Dead #Grexy


Farm to Face


Melodie is one half of the duo behind Farm to Face. where you’ll find original recipes, research on local and seasonal produce, notes on sustainable ingredients and heaps more love for people you deserve to know about.

“I’ll be doing the drop dead #grexy challenge. It’s just the boost I need to cut the plastic from my life and inspire others to do the same.”

Challenge: Drop Dead #Grexy


Farm to Face


Georgia is the second half of the duo behind Farm to Face, a popular online outlet for original recipes, seasonal food ideas, research and everything else food and sustainability related.

“Sustainability as a term means everything and nothing all at once. As an action it means, to me, taking only what you need and giving back more than you took.”

Challenge: #Grexy Teaser


Ricky Sam
Fork Sake


Ricky Sam runs the popular food blog Forksake, where he explores and reviews the latest cafes, bars and restaurants around Melbourne. Ricky is particularly passionate about being mindful of food wastage.

“With a father as a restaurant owner and chef, I grew up around great food and he has put the importance of food wastage in my mind from a very young age.”

Challenge: Halfway to #Grexy


Peter Siddle


Peter is a much-loved professional cricketer for Australia, the Victorian Bushrangers, the Melbourne Renegades and Nottingham CCC. He’s also a plant-based athlete and a big believer in animal welfare.

Challenge: #Grexy Teaser


Alice Zaslavsky
Alice in Frames


Alice is a food writer, author, teacher and former MasterChef Australia contestant. “To me, cooking and eating together means sharing knowledge and telling tales; connecting across a kitchen bench, a festival stage or a dining room table. It helps in transferring ideas and passions on to the next generation. It’s all about cultivating curiosity.”

Challenge: Halfway to #Grexy


Steph Prem


Steph is a former Winter Olympic snowboarder and is now the founder and director of Studio PP and the Premium Performance training method. She follows a plant-based diet and is passionate about food and sustainability.

Challenge: Halfway to #Grexy


Erin Rhoads
The Rogue Ginger


Erin Rhoads, aka The Rogue Ginger, can fit her 18 months of rubbish into a single jar. The Rogue Ginger aims to inspire and help people live a plastic free and zero waste life. From her home in Melbourne, Erin blogs on useful tips and alternatives on cleaning, cooking, fashion, shopping, and travel – with a focus on sustainability and living green.

Challenge: Drop Dead #Grexy


Anna Allbury
My Hippie Kitchen


Edible terrariums, vegan eggs, and edible bouquets – oh my!  Meet My Hippie Kitchen’s Anna Allbury – the Melbourne food artist putting a new spin on healthy, sustainable food. To Anna, sustainability is about:

“Asking the right questions, then making conscious choices and changes in order to sustain ourselves – and life on our planet indefinitely.”

Challenge: Halfway to #Grexy


Clare Burder
Humble Tumbler


Clare is a wine and sake educator, founder of The Humble Tumbler, author and passionate cook. Having run her family’s wine label and vineyard, Clare has a deep understanding of how the environment can impact our food system.

Challenge: Halfway to #Grexy


Anna Weatherlake
Earth By Anna


Anna is a health and plant-based nutrition coach, traveller, animal advocate, food enthusiast, journalism graduate and eco-warrior. Her blog Earth By Anna is the platform where she shares her knowledge and the places, interviews, goods and experiences she discovers both locally and around the world.

Challenge: #Grexy Teaser


Rhys Uhlich
Model & Tevita Clothing

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.20.23 pm

Rhys is a model, fashion designer and TV presenter. As a keen surfer, he’s passionate about keeping our beaches and oceans clean.

Challenge: #Grexy Teaser


Renae Smith


A former Masterchef Australia contestant, Renae has worked closely with Barnardo’s Australia and created “Cooking From The Cupboard”, teaching children to create healthy, cheap meals with whatever ingredients are in the cupboard.


Jen Curcio
Decisive Cravings

Jen Curcio headshot_lowres

Jen is the creator of one of Australia’s top 30 food and travel websites Decisive Cravings. She is a copywriter and communications consultant who travels to eat, loves to cook and is passionate about sustainability and social good.


Dumbo Feather
The Team


Behind extraordinary ideas, there are extraordinary people. Dumbo Feather is a magazine about these people. In each issue, they scour the globe for those with the drive to make a difference. The whole team are ditching disposables this April because WASTE is the thing that concerns them most about the food system.

Challenge: #Grexy Teaser