As someone who wasn’t born into a particularly eco family, my journey to this point has been a relatively slow one. One that has been just as much about personal discovery as it has been about advocating for a planet that supports sustainable food systems and the kinder treatment of animals.

Learning about our food system has been an absolute revelation, equal parts terrifying and distressing and equal parts liberating and empowering. With all this new-found knowledge my life didn’t change overnight, it’s been slow and steady as I adapt what I learn in a way that works for me and my family. This is the thinking that has been applied when developing the Give a Fork! campaign.

The outcome of participating in Give a Fork! might be that you eat a little less meat, that you take your own drink bottle and reusable cup wherever you go. It might be that you visit a participating café or restaurant and learn a neat trick about how to use parts of the vegetable you normally throw out. It might be that you have a radical awakening and move to the country to start an organic farm. The thing is, all these actions are great and they all make a difference. We want to calculate that difference. We want to communication and celebrate it. And we want to start a group or dare I say a movement of people doing a little bit, which quickly adds up to a lot.

My gut tells me that starting out by doing a little leads to doing a lot more than you ever dreamed you would before you began. That has certainly been the case for me and we’re hoping the campaign will plant the seed for people everywhere. A girl’s gotta dream!


Sustainable Table is the creator of the Give a Fork! campaign and is a not-for-profit organisation that empowers people to use their shopping dollar to vote for a food system that is fair, humane, healthy and good for the environment.

With up to 60% of our personal eco-footprint embodied in the food that we buy, we believe there is no better place to start.


We’ve been crunching some numbers here at Sustainable Table HQ and we reckon that rather than trying to convert people into diehard activists (very slow, very annoying for everyone else), we need to celebrate the small stuff. We need to free ourselves of the guilt of not being the kind of person who has schlepped to the heart of the jungle and tied themselves to a tree. Some people do nothing whatsoever to better the planet, so those of us who do, deserve a little street cred. Enter the Give a Fork! campaign – April 2016.

Give a Fork! is Sustainable Table’s way of encouraging small changes amongst a large group of people, which will amount to a significant environmental benefit. It’s also our major annual fundraiser to enable us to continue our important food education and awareness work.

We coined the term #grexy (sexy greenie) to spark an online conversation and to show that associating with environmental causes isn’t all doom and gloom, it can be empowering and fun whilst totally elevating your look!

People can engage in the campaign by ordering the Give a Fork! Special at a participating restaurant or by taking on one of three 30 Days to Grexy challenges.

We believe that the hospitality sector is crucial to shaping a healthy food culture here in Australia and can set the standard for how we should be eating at home. Due to their buying power, it is also an industry that has incredible power to shape how our food is grown and raised as well as minimise how much good food is wasted. We’re thrilled to be partnering with venues all over the country to develop a Give a Fork! specials dish that adheres to our 4 Food Rules, with a donation from each dish supporting Sustainable Table. We hope that it’s the start of something big.

The 30 Days to Grexy challenges are designed for beginners, right through to the fully-fledged environmentalist. It’s about committing to something for the month in the hope that the idea sticks and people start to build the simple action into their daily lives. It’s $20 to participate with the option to make a donation at the same time, which people were way more excited about than the idea of another ‘ask your friends for money’ fundraiser. It’s also a proven fact that you’re more likely to value something you paid for. In return for the donation we’ll be providing you with tips, tricks and information to keep you on track, as well as free downloads of our eBooks and other great offers.

When all is said and done, we believe that looking after the planet is way sexier than trashing it, so we’re spreading the word whilst bringing sexy back to environmentalism.